Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Maui and the eel stealing power

Maui and the eel stealing power!
Long long ago  deep down in the calm, crystal ocean was a village and in that village lived
Maui and his family. Maui was feeling very weak, he was drooping on the floor like a long cape slightly touching the ground. His brothers were very sad for Maui. Maui did not feel brave like normal.
Meanwhile, not far from home lived a tuna the eel .Tuna lurked down in to the deep depths of the ocean. Tuna wanted all of Maui's power. Whenever Maui went  to the underwater beach Tuna  would pop up and hide behind the rocks. Then he would suck the power out  from Maui's body. Every time Maui went to the beach he would feel weaker and weaker.
Two days later Maui and his village had been robbed . Maui was very sad, he had let his village down. One day when Maui went to the underwater beach he saw Tuna the eel . But he did not notice him, he saw him doing something with his body. He quickly ran home. He thought he was stealing power from him. He quickly told his brothers. His brothers thought that we could give it a shot. We got ready for battle.They got some bags to capture the power.They also got some hinaki net to eat it . Maui went onto  the beach, his brothers were waiting to capture it . The eel came out and boom!
When he opened his eyes the power was locked up  in the bag and the tuna the eel was once and for all dead. Yippy,yippy Maui said . He drank the power he felt ,he felt  normal. He and his  family were very happy for him. Once tuna the stealer eel was dead  had a big feast and ate tuna the nasty eel.

This week we have been writing Maui stories.In my Maui story I used adjectives,simple sentences, capital letters and full stops.

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